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-Corrine H.

Our company has been working with Roslynn Lowery for years, and I have to say it has transformed the way we do business. MIPS was a daunting tasking for us.  We didn’t know where to begin, we were receiving information from a variety of places and still did not understand the process to a very comprehensive system that we use on a daily basis. When our company was introduced to Roslynn not only was she able and willing to answer all of questions, she did it with confidence, knowledge, and a positive “you can do this” attitude.   She has streamlined the process, enabled us, coached us, and given us the confidence to navigate through the MIPS program. Roslynn has made a significant improvement in our MIPS scores and has helped our Physicians tremendously.  The best part of working with Roslynn is she is always available to take our calls and we completely trust her to represent our company.

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