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Why KRK?

KRK Value Based Consulting offers reliable and comprehensive compliance support to medical practices and groups of all sizes. Our goal is to help relieve the administrative burdens that come with staying up to date on these constantly changing programs. We understand that patient care should always come first and aim to support your practice in a way that has the smallest possible impact on your current workflows. Our consulting packages are customized to meet the needs of your unique practice.

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What Our Clients Say

I have been working with Roslynn since 2018. She has reduced my stress level in a massive way. I know she is carefully monitoring our MIPS activity and getting every opportunity possible that we can apply for. I highly recommend, without hesitation, KRK, and Roslynn for anyone’s needs for MIPS.

-Kim P

Kerri and her team at KRK Consulting are an invaluable resource for all our MIPS needs. Our monthly calls help keep our office on track for success year after year. The KRK team makes navigating a difficult process an absolute breeze!

-Meghan R

KRK Consulting Value Based Consulting is an asset to The Conrad Pearson Clinic. I appreciate the quality and timeliness of work that KRK has done for us over the past several years. They have always bent over backwards for our practice. KRK is extremely knowledgeable and I love working with them and producing outstanding MIPS results for CPC.

-Teri D

We have been very happy with Roslynn’s knowledge and assistance in the MIPS requirements as they continuously change.  She is the one who helps me keep the clinic on track with her ability and knowledge of creating workflows that will appropriately track the required measures.  She has gone above and beyond our expectations for a consultant.  Our EMR is also continuously changing their process which causes reports to change and be ineffective. Roslynn has always been able to create a workaround to get the appropriate information reported on time.  Roslynn will be an asset to any company that is involved with the MIPS programs.

-Traci W.

I could not have done it alone without the help of Kerri and her team at KRK Value Based Consulting. For years, they have provided us with excellent support and resources when reporting for MIPS measure. I would highly recommend them.

-Yomaira P.

Our company has been working with Roslynn Lowery for years, and I have to say it has transformed the way we do business. MIPS was a daunting tasking for us.  We didn’t know where to begin, we were receiving information from a variety of places and still did not understand the process to a very comprehensive system that we use on a daily basis. When our company was introduced to Roslynn not only was she able and willing to answer all of questions, she did it with confidence, knowledge, and a positive “you can do this” attitude.   She has streamlined the process, enabled us, coached us, and given us the confidence to navigate through the MIPS program. Roslynn has made a significant improvement in our MIPS scores and has helped our Physicians tremendously.  The best part of working with Roslynn is she is always available to take our calls and we completely trust her to represent our company.

-Corrine H.

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